Monday, February 28, 2011

In different rooms
only the TV talking
Snow is falling.

An attempt at haiku for One Stop Poetry Form- A little Tanka A little Haiku on,
This form is challenging. I know what I wanted to portray with this haiku. Did I manage to do it?  Hmmm


  1. trade tv with turning of pages (book) or clicking of keys (computer) and that would be my house on a snow day...

  2. I like the way the TV seems to be filling the house, even as the snow is filling the world...

    and yet, a sense of emptiness.

  3. kinda sad when communication breaks down...and nice touch the silence of snow...

  4. powerful highlight of broken communications.
    well done.
    signed in to follow you.

    please share one piece with poets rally today, thanks.