Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dark Godiva


We’re all full of it
good thoughts
bad thoughts
selfish thoughts.
A head full of
curdled thought soup

I only let out
the white ones
altered to appear pure,
worn like a crown
to convince the world
I am the good witch

Keeping you
at a distance
so you won’t see
a dark godiva
covered with
white vermin.

A final OnesShootSunday poem.
Thanks for the memories.
Photo by Rosie Hardy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Too late
a sudden ray of revelation
breaks through
clouds of self-righteousness
and I stare
at the ruins I created
with acid rain words
that ate away
your self-esteem
Abrasive criticisms
that sandblasted you
to the bones
of your psyche
And I weep
to see the devastation
that remains
in the abandoned place
that used to be

Written in response to One Shoot Sunday photo prompt by photographer Neil Alexander.
A grateful thank you to Dustus & Chris. While I have not contributed regularly, I have enjoyed One Shoot Sunday very much, and all of the creative and wonderful writers whose work I have had the pleasure of reading.