Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gotta light?

Paint me white
cover up the dark
except the eyes
the eyes that see
in you
striking the match
that burns us both

For One Shoot Sunday
photo by Fee Easton


  1. You project a relationship based on the picture that mostly likely would be cut short smoking three cigs at a time habit, which would age her face so much she'd need even more paint. But those dark eyes—can't paint a missing reflection in them. Nice work.

  2. that close...the me in you...

  3. I too like "the eyes that see me in you. . ."
    This initially jolted me, then a tiny smile emerged, because you spoke truth. As a preacher's kid, I have seen in fear in folks eyes when they're criticizing someone: fear of being that person/fear of knowing there's a part in them that wants to or has already done what they criticize.
    In our home, judging others was taboo. Dad said there was only one judge and no one else had any business doing God's job.

    "Striking the match that burns us both"--to me that means she knows that the person looking at her is like her and certainly is no better than her. She KNOWS.
    Strong statement in few words--wonderful.