Sunday, March 6, 2011


To be
what is expected.
Delivering lines
you’ve written for me.
Directed how and when
to move, to sit, to stand.
Seven days a week.
One final act
upon a broken stage.
An encore is
not to be.

written for One Shoot Sunday
photo by Jacob Lucas


  1. yeah i could not live a scripted would drive me crazy...and yeah there would be no encore from that...

  2. Love how you divide To be & not to be with poetry! Props just for that. Agree with Brian. In general, I think poets/writers have a difficult time with directives. Nice work.

  3. What is the front door anyway? :)
    Nice writing thank you for it.

  4. short and powerful. wonderful and unique take on this image. ty's fer posting it, dear lady

    bum / monty