Sunday, July 10, 2011


Too late
a sudden ray of revelation
breaks through
clouds of self-righteousness
and I stare
at the ruins I created
with acid rain words
that ate away
your self-esteem
Abrasive criticisms
that sandblasted you
to the bones
of your psyche
And I weep
to see the devastation
that remains
in the abandoned place
that used to be

Written in response to One Shoot Sunday photo prompt by photographer Neil Alexander.
A grateful thank you to Dustus & Chris. While I have not contributed regularly, I have enjoyed One Shoot Sunday very much, and all of the creative and wonderful writers whose work I have had the pleasure of reading.


  1. you know...this is amazingly poignant...sad what happens when self righteousness drips from the lips...

  2. Can't imagine getting sandblasted to the bone... ouch! Also love the image of a corrosive storm of words. Poignant, indeed.

  3. ugh...this is so sad and you are so right...lots of destruction happens with self righteousness..and sometimes just ruins are left..very poignant write beverly ann

  4. Time to start building a relationship from the ground up,then...

  5. It's always hard to look back, to see what we had and lost through the force of our see a relationship reduced to ruin by time. Potent description chosen, with the sandblasting and the clouds of self-righteousness, that deliver the point home hard.

  6. Sad and beautiful, but true what happens in relationships scarred by words and self-righteousness; expressed so well.

  7. What a fantastic take on the prompt! A very real piece and very well done.

  8. Enjoyed the metaphoric use of the image. Acid rain words - fantastic.

  9. Powerful and quite gripping. Really enjoyed this piece ~ Rose

  10. Powerful! Love the imagery you have gleened from and with your words. Provocative!